Looking through Gods eye’s.

One only needs to know the character of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim God to be able to look through the eyes of God. Ever caring all-knowing and very wise! The Christian faith makes it to easy to be forgiven, the Jewish and Muslim faith also allow for God’s forgiveness but on a more, stricter base.

The Laundry

God’s house of prayer is being treated like a Laundry, dirty linen in clean linen out!


Man walks into house of prayer: he prays to God “Please God forgive me” God is listening, Man states “I have committed adultery, please forgive me for my sin” God thinks, “This man is asking forgiveness for cheating on his wife? This is the sixth time!” God says in annoyance “All these people are my children including this man’s wife I deeply regard her feelings on this issue.” “Before he can be forgiven by me, he has to be forgiven by his wife!” Man walks away from his house of prayer where he thought he lightened his load, ready to sin again.

High Ranking government official walks into house of prayer: he prays to God “Please God forgive me” God is listening, “I stole money from the government purse, please forgive me for I am weak, I needed the money to send my children to school” God states to himself “This man keeps on asking forgiveness for many similar things, he has too many people to atone too, it’s an helpless situation, I just can’t forgive this, he has hurt too many of my children” The official walks away from his house of prayer where he thought he lightened his load, ready to sin many times again.

A woman walks into house of prayer: she prays to God “Please God, I would like a rich husband to support me and buy jewelry and all the luxury items that I’ve always dreamed of”. God simply doesn’t listen to selfish people! But the Devil Does! The woman walks away from his house of prayer to misguidedly wait for God to grant her wish.

Once you learn to look through the eyes of God it becomes very simple to work out your Gods answers to prayers. The problem is have the religions opened a gate to hell in their own temples, church’s, mosque’s, synagogue or prayer mats?

No Elbows

Once upon a time, God created a whole bunch of people and sat them down in front of a huge banquet table filled with hamburgers, pizza, and tacos. They were very hungry and tried to eat, but God had neglected to give them elbows. Every time they tried to get the food to their mouths, their hands were too far away. Eventually, they got so frustrated that the table divided into two groups.

The first group of people said, “God must be very stupid, or He is not all-powerful. Because if God were smart, He would have known that we need elbows to eat; and if He were powerful, He would have been able to make them.” Depressed at the thought of being stuck with a God who could not help them, they turned to the second group of people for advice.

The second group answered, “Look around at the trees, the mountains, the oceans, the sun, and the whole universe. God must certainly be all-knowing to have thought up all of this. And he must be all-powerful to create it all. The truth must be that God is mean and selfish and filled with anger and revenge. And that is why we have to suffer.” At the thought of being stuck with a horrible God, these people became very afraid, and in imitation of their “angry God,” they began to turn on one another in violence.

The solution was to feed each other.

I am GOD! – Growing up

Good day!

Today is the day I report the fact that I have become officially an Adult. It’s has took me a long time to grow up and since I declared my self to man kind I have played the games children play. When I became more responsible I just observed the game and did not make things more complicated for you mere mortals than they were.

I have seen many interesting things within my creation where as on many planets there have been many wars in my name and many of my creation destroyed complete civilization some even blew their whole planets up.

You humans have been some interest to me as your scientifically minded are at the very doorstep of working out that I have been playing games with your civilization. However my trusty followers have been so indoctrinated they even seem to be blind to my evil side. Yes I was a very nasty brat in my earlier years.

Now is the time to change my ways and stop all the deception that I actual listen to prayer and I want people to join me in my domain in the heavens after you are dead. Sorry that was all a big lie as you are all programmed to die and that there is no soul that lives on.

I am sorry to tell you that I am also the Devil that many of my followers so fear. Any way what I am going to do to put that to rights is the following:

1. Take a way your ability to be evil.

2. Control your environment so no natural calamities can take place.

3. Rid you of any religious indoctrination you may have received.

4. Get rid of the angels I created when I was a lazy brat

Human kind deserve to live peacefully in a new utopia as you and many other creatures have gave me something to do whilst growing up now I promise to be a better responsible God of whom you can talk face to face with when troubled.

Oh yes! for all those that wonder how I am created when I grow old and cease to exist I am reborn to start a new creation.

Reincarnation Incest?

When I was young my father related to me his belief in reincarnation, stating that nothing on this earth is wasted. Such as plants grow from seeds bloom to create other seeds wither and die. The dead plant becomes a fertilizer to substance new life. He believed the soul entered a newborn after death. Though my father was a Christian, a protestant he did not attend any church. I think he became disenchanted with any form of man made religion. He held on to his belief of reincarnation to the day he died, it was his staff to lean on.

I have followed two religious faiths through out my life, the first being Judaism the second Christianity, I was not forced to believe. Both were based on mild indoctrination, as both my parents did not follow their faiths strictly. The Christian faith was imposed on me mostly at school.

I have since lost faith and confidence in any man made religion. I became a pantheist first and then a believer in Spinoza god (a super entity not actual a law making god), then the atheist I am today. I find it hard to believe that reincarnation is possible, however I have met people that have the same character, that reminds me of other people I have known in the past.

This article was born out of something that I found peculiar last night. I looked at the palms of my young girlfriend and realized her left palm was the identical as my right and her rights palm the same as my left. Everybody has a differing odor, my girlfriend has said many times we smell the same.

We are very much alike in our interests this is all very strange.I am now left wondering if my girlfriend is also one of my reincarnations from another life. So could that mean we are committing reincarnation incest? No reincarnation is not Feasible is it?

How did nature develop it’s “intelligence”?

As a atheist one that can not just state that God or Gods can not exist, because science disproves what the theists are stating. I see big flaws in all the religious text, that I have read over the many years I started a hunt for God and proof of a Gods existence.

I can see the argument of the theist and can understand how man made religions started by using a very silly explanations that are full of holes and flaws, its in fact a ridiculous a bunch of stupid fictional stories penned by our ancestors that lacked education and information in the area of evolution and scientific fact.

For centuries people have been indoctrinated to a level it’s become inset into many human cultures. Religion has been made a way of life by those that have never read a holy book.When faced with the question who created God, the normal answer is ‘God has always existed” full stop!Then I see the flaws in the thoughts and the beliefs of scientific minded Atheist of whom can not go back beyond the Big Bang the zero point of creation.

Their statements of the Universe has always existed, is not an acceptable answer to me the weak Atheist. Atheist when asked what started the universe will normally answer “The universe has always existed” full stop!

Atheist like my self have found or are trying to find an actual acceptable and logical answer to what started the universe, here is my answer a theory I am very happy with.My theory – What started creation, It’s a natural event of rules that are created at the birth of a universe within a void.

Nothing can exist with out something filling its vast open space. So the void creates matter and antimatter two different universes.  In the process of time solar systems are born, in a series of natural occurrences life develops on planets that can support it.

Then the battle starts for survival, the natural process of evolution of the fittest only survives.At the very start of creation the dying process starts at the points where the two universes touch, thus black holes where matter and antimatter meet to cancel out there existence. When this process is finished there is a rebirth of two new universes one of matter and one of antimatter.

There is no ending or beginning of this natural process it’s the nature of existence, you can not have nothing you must have something. The proof is that we exist as part of its matter, the very star dust of its existence.

Baybayin – the lost tagalog script of pre-spanish conquest

As the days go by I learn more about the nation and the people in these beautiful Islands of the Philippines. Until today I thought the West brought literacy to Philippines but that is not so in fact the native Filipino’s all could write prior to the Spanish colonization in the 16th Century.

Yes they had there own characters and had passed down the literate art for many centuries before the Spanish landing. In fact the total populations second communication method was writing (carving) messages on bamboo.  The writing was termed Baybayin it made up of 17 simple and elegant characters used for personal communication and poetry.  Yes this nation of song and music lovers have a history of writing poetry in Baybayin and expect it was mainly romantic verse.

The Spanish however destroyed all the writing as they thought it was tied up with paganism.


In most ancient cultures, the art of reading and writing was reserved for the few who belonged to privileged classes. In ancient Egyptian, Mayan, and Indonesian civilizations, writing was in the hands of priests and scribes. The culture that the Spaniards found in the Philippines was unique in that the art of reading and writing was in the hands of everybody.[/q]

This being at a time when most people in Europe could not write their own name. Today’s Filipino’s all speak and write in more than one language normally Tagalog (National tongue), One of the hundreds of local tongues, Most speak or have an understanding of English. The simple fact this happy nation of people still love to communicate since the days of writing on Bamboo they have become the leading nation concerning cell phone texting. Sadly the ancient Baybayin text is only known by a few Filipino Scholars and those that take an interest in Filipino history.

The Filipino Bubble

Asian culture is far different to the west when it comes to family responsibilities where as we westerners are normally okay financially when we reach our autumn years. In countries racked with poverty the children are expected to look after the parents.

Two or three generations ago in the Philippines the male members were in charge of the family but now the culture has changed and the women have taken over. The top dog is the Grandmother; everybody has to ask her permission before any big plan is put in place. The mother is the second in command then followed by the oldest or richest sister.

When some one marries into the family after of course getting the permission to do so one enters the bubble. In the case of foreign husbands the Filipino wife will try to keep the fact that she is being prompted by her mother, grandmother and eldest sister. She will pay the bills, look after the house and keep all minor problems away from the husband. She will also try to keep the husband away from the influence of others outside of her families bubble or her bubble if she has something to hide.

The problem is that many foreigners will be with a wife for many years before he finds out about the grandmother, mothers and sisters influence on his life. If the family is a greedy one he may find out much earlier when he realizes that someone always want medicine or is in the hospital etc. Or something will be made very apparent by the stupid-ness of the greed.

The wife will sweep around her foreign husband and handle all the finances if allowed and normal nag about a need for her own money or allowance. (It is normal for the husband to send a small donation to the parents, I myself pay twice as much as my partner could afford if working).

The problem is when the bubble bursts and the guy finds the wife has lied and cheated, where as the husband does not know where to pay the bills and has never shopped for food etc in this foreign land. Or worst still has to leave the house and lot that he bought for the wife. I have seen this tragedy before many, many times.

The answer is keep outside of the bubble, handle your own finances and be in charge of your house hold. If you buy property in your partner’s name, get it leased to your self. Make sure you get receipts for everything and of course the change. Learn the language, well at least enough to understand what’s going on. If your wife’s a good one after many years more trust can be put on her shoulders. Its best to marry the eldest sister of the family, as she will know how to wield some power within the family. She has been all ready received some or more training on running a family.

Many Filipino families respect new membership to the family and will treat a foreigner with great respect especially if you your self are respectful to them and to your new partner but you still have to watch out for the families black sheep.

Why are we here?

I often wonder about why we are here, what’s life really about? It’s took millions of years of evolution to create an intelligent being that is able to control its cultural environment. Human kind evolved from apes, we learnt to stand upright, use our front paws to shape and build to create and kill. We learned to farm and to herd and domesticate and breed the animals we eat, to fish the seas and rivers.

We bred our own initial transport the main useful animal being the horse. Weapons to protect or use for fighting against different tribes where first made of wood and then metals. As time as crept by we have become more sophisticated, it has now got to the point our weapons are much more horrifying and effective.

As our knowledge has increased our many scientist, have invented amazing new innovations and found ways of improving communication, travel, entertainment, infrastructure and the dreadful weaponry being used in wars and as a common threat. Our scientists are now on the verge of creating life, they can defiantly create human clones if allowed.

Barbaric leaders became kings, emperors then the new breed of leaders arose from new more democratic or non democratic systems society became a political beast. Because Philosophers and ancient leaders thought that only super beings or a super being could have create humans they created religions. The religions where used to control the people the first holy books were really the first books of law. These religions also tried to give an explanation why we are here, it’s suggested to please the Gods or God. That there could be an after life, we are the servants of God that we are here to carry out Gods wish. That if we sin we go to hell or purgatory etc, etc, etc.

Truthfully human kind has not solved the question why are we here? Or has no logical solution to what’s life is all about? Religion does not solve the questions.

I truthfully believe that human kind is not being used as pawns in a game between Gods or God and the devil. But of course the ultimate questions do have answers, ones we can only surmise. I prefer to believe that I am lucky to be here and I truthfully want to make the most of it why it lasts.

Life – What is it all about?

From the time that you had made your first sob on being presented to a new environment, taking your first gulps of air, noticing the strange smells and the blurred shapes and vivid color and sounds. Your life has been shaped and its all been out of your control until you can think for yourself.

You are a creature that can learn, your body and brain is amazing, at birth you are ready for programming that’s when it all started. Babies are born with natural instincts such as knowing how to suck milk from their mother’s breast and how to cry to get attention when dirty or hungry. Babies have been proven to be able to swim if placed into water and to hang on to the branch of a tree. Its part of the survival factor.

The programming is started off normally by two very confused adults that have been indoctrinated by their culture and leaders. You the infant are indoctrinated with their life long beliefs and your freedom of thought will be eroded away to match the thoughts of your programmers. By the time you are 18 years old you are part and parcel of your cultural environment. Your religion will normally be the same as your parents or at least on a similar track. Even your political view will be influenced by adult programmers including your parents. Though you think you are thinking for yourself you are influenced by your indoctrination as a child.

Then if you are heterosexual you will hunt down a partner to mate with your thoughts being that it’s the normal way of life to have a family so you have sex many times with your new partner, normally within a short period your wishes are answered the female becomes pregnant nine months later you both become two pretty confused programmers.

There much more to life of course but the main factor is survival of the race all the other factors such as religion, politics, wars and greed etc, are the opposing gears to the main protocol. Most humans want to live peaceful fulfilling lives to love and bring up a family in a peaceful environment and a peaceful world. That’s Life!

I want to be first

Its a crazy dodgem game, gigantic bulks of metal and rust, push forward overtaking Jeepney’s (local public transport) and tricycles (motor bike and side car another public transport vehicles) its complete havoc each and everyone drives defensivel

Coaches and large Jeepney’s drive at death defying speeds, well at least much to fast for the narrow and bad surface roads of the Philippine. With each mode of travel being loaded like a sardine tin, some drivers play very loud music and everybody is sweating on a very hot day.

I prefer to drive a motorbike as it is seemingly safer than a car because I can dodge the on coming traffic. When I am driving into the city I am completing with hubble-hubble drivers an illegal Public transport that the police seeming turn a blind eye to. It’s a normal motor bike that they simply crowd on passengers (7 being the record seen so far).

There is a law that safety helmets should be used by every one traveling on a motor bike, seemingly only foreigner such as myself follow this rule. Others carry their helmets to quickly put on before a police check and most never wear helmet.

This article was inspired by the fact that I have just realized why Filipino’s fail to obey road safety rules such as wearing helmets.

The other day I was watching people getting on hubble-hubble motorbikes, each and everyone of them religiously cross themselves like good Catholics do. Then I remember all the people that get on public transport normal follow the same procedure.

That means that they put their trust in God when risking their life’s and those nuts that don’t wear helmets rather trust in god than have a sweaty head. The strange fact that there are not many accident’s here properly shows that this blind faith may work. Or perhaps the engine cc being no more than 200 cc on motor bikes and the bad roads slow down traffic speeds.

However its fun and just like the dodgems at the fair and pretty scary when driving at night as many forms of transport lack lights and those that do wish to blind you. I am not going to cross myself only be cross with them, lol